DXIN Home Multi Function Pull Up Station Height Adjustable Fitness Power Tower Push Up Equipment Of Home Gym Exercise For Strength Training Color : Black Size : 100 * 96 * 160cm - ORZPSUAS


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  • 【Adjustable Multi-function】:The pull-up station has a 20-level height adjustment system,which can adjust the appropriate height according to your height;through pull-up fitness,you can eliminate obesity,increase muscle strength,and relieve stress,Shape the perfect body

  • 【Stable And Sturdy】:The latest upgraded power tower adopts a reinforced H-shaped base and The main bracket is widened to increase the bearing area of the base,and the load-bearing capacity is up to 250KG;our pull-up diving station uses a balanced support of 4 non-slip large bases to avoid shaking and prevent dumping,which improves stability and safety

  • 【Comfortable And Durable】:This upright fitness frame has thick PU cushions to increase the comfort of sports.Foam armrests and non-slip elbow pads can reduce the pressure,protect the elbow joints and avoid sports injuries;use a unique process and reinforced steel structure ,It is not easy to be corroded by sweat,which increases the service life of the power tower and can be used for a long time

  • 【Easy Installation】:The fitness tower occupies a small area,is fast to install,and easy to save;with this device,there are no restrictions,you can easily pull up anytime,anywhere,vertical knee lift,push-ups,suitable for most fitness and strength sports

  • 【Quality And Service Guarantee】:Choosing a high-quality fitness equipment will bring you a strong body,we are very confident in our products,If you have any questions about this product,please feel free to contact us,we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours