FB FunkyBuys® Black 60x60cm Interlocking Reversible Floor Mat suitable for Gym Outdoor Indoor Protective Flooring Matting - OHJR70

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  • Each Tile Dimensions is 60cm x 60cm x 10mm…..These EVA Rubber Foam Floor Mats have a very wide range of uses, for both business and home. Around the home, Kids Bedrooms are the first place that comes to mind, both for the safety factor and for ease of cleaning!

  • Utility Rooms, Games Rooms, Home Gyms would definitely benefit from the presence of these mats, and the mats are perfect to go under trampolines, inflatable swimming pools, swing sets, slides, climbing frames and more...great for softening any falls and accidents!

  • You can even take these with you - take them apart (easy to fit into the car, or under your arm then), and take them camping, on picnics, etc.

  • Great for use as Exercise Mats, for Yoga, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Schools, Playgroups, Business use in Tradeshows, exhibitions, etc.

  • Great for mechanics, specially designed for anti fatigue while working underneath vehicles, etc. (NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS)….All dimensions are approximate and taken at the maximum points of the item, unless otherwise stated.

  • Durable Material:

    FB FunkyBuys Non-Skid Puzzle Floor Mat comprises soft and environment-friendly material. Remains sturdy on the surface and protects your floor from bumps, dents, sweat, and cold. The soft surface of the interlocking EVA Mat allows you to maintain perfect body posture while doing your daily workout. Suitable for inside and outside workout. You can use our jigsaw puzzle EVA Mat in the gym, studio, and garage. Ideally designed for Gym, yoga Pilates and gymnastics.


    Our interlocking EVA mat helps you to perfectly perform your daily exercises, gym workout and yoga Pilates. The soft foam will allow you to complete yoga without skidding on the floor. Puzzle Mat is crafted with firm pieces to ensure that it would not budge while you are in the middle of your yoga—ideal for under sports equipment like treadmill, benches etc. You can use it in the camp to create a floor while doing camping.

    Convenient Assembling Yoga Mat:

    Non-Skid Puzzle Floor Mat does not require any tools or drills to assemble. You need to connect the puzzle pieces, and your EVA Mat is all set. You can place it in your living room for your children to play. Soft foam Mat absorbs the noise of anything thrown over it. Allows a worry-free play area for your pets and children. You can have peace of mind that your children would not face any bumps while playing. You can easily clean the mat by wiping it with a cloth. Your kids can also play with this mat by connecting the puzzles.

    FB FunkyBuys® Black 60x60cm Interlocking Reversible Floor Mat suitable for Gym Outdoor Indoor Protective Flooring Matting - OHJR70