Waist Trimmers

Waist Trimmers

Good Texture: This waist trainer slimming belt is made of superior acrylic fibers, which is soft, s..

$46.42 $19.92

Belt: Designed to store hot water bottle, keep you warm for your comfort in cold weather. (Hot Wate..

$58.94 $19.46

[ Unique New Design ] -- Waist slimming belt is 3m or 4m long, enough to cover the waist and abdome..

$47.93 $19.50

Prevents and/Corrects posture, Helps to shape, control and reduce the waist and abdomen. Suitab..

$68.50 $26.19

Comfortable Full Coverage Waist Trainer Cincher▶Gotoly women waist trainer belt is made of high qua..

$54.46 $19.84

【WAIST TRIMMER FOR WOMEN】The Waist Trimmer is designed to enhance your workout by helping to improv..

$47.99 $19.04

[Fat Burning] It can improve the thermal activity of body cells, stimulate sweating, speed up the p..

$43.19 $19.70

[High -quality Material]:High Tech&High Safety Factor///Innovative safe heating material ‑ Graphene..

$76.58 $22.17

BURNING BELLY FAT: Waist trimmer is designed to enhance the abdominal sweat production by adjusting..

$65.85 $19.00


$59.11 $19.78

[STRONG SWEAT ON BELLY]High density nano-silver coating (surface layer) + (middle layer) neoprene d..

$59.26 $19.80

Very thin material so would not cause any discomfort. Using the perspiration to shape up body to ..

$56.34 $19.54
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