GAKIN 1 Pc Fitness Circle Weighted Waist Thin Belly Removable for Home Sports Equipment - SHNU31

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  • The size of the fitness ring: about 80cm (8 sections); the color of the fitness ring: blue + gray

  • Material of Folding Gym Rings: environmentally friendly plastic material, strong and durable, light and easy to carry (no foam)

  • The Fitness Exercise Hoop can be adjusted in size, can be weighted by itself, and is convenient for storage.The unique soft fitness ring provides you with maximum protection and an easier way to lose weight.

  • Multi-function: thin waist and abdomen, charming buttocks, modified legs, and can also be used as an entertainment tool for company activities and gatherings.

  • The Home Sports Equipment is suitable for beaches, parks, swimming pools, parties, softball games, camping, hiking or any other sports activities

  • Packing specification:
    1x Physical Training Circle(8 sections)

    Product Features:
    The material is environmentally friendly PE raw material plastic, strong and durable.
    It weighs about 320 grams, and you can add sand, beans, rice grains, etc. to gain weight.
    Suitable for gymnastics, dance, development, fitness and other sports equipment.
    With: environmentally friendly, durable, easy to clean.
    Adjustable size, self-weighting, detachable, convenient storage, etc.

    Installation method description
    1. The concave point is aligned with the groove
    2. Keep stuck to the end
    3. Rotate into place
    Disassembly method: first rotate in the opposite direction of the installation rotation and then pull it apart

    Thin waist and abdomen
    Charming buttocks
    Modified leg type Tighten the leg muscles and reshape the charming leg shape
    Fitness, thin waist, massage in one step

    1. Please do not exercise for one hour before and after meals
    2. Do not put the exercise ring on the neck to exercise
    3. Children only play in the sports circle as entertainment

    GAKIN 1 Pc Fitness Circle Weighted Waist Thin Belly Removable for Home Sports Equipment - SHNU31