Gyroscopic Hand Exercise Balls

Gyroscopic Hand Exercise Balls

[Auto Start Power Wrist Ball]: Use for hand therapy ball,exercise ball,exercise balls,resistance tr..

$67.18 $24.65

Reduced pressure, powerful performance, adopts mechanical power design, self-starting device, and v..

$76.33 $19.59

Synthetic rubber construction Use a medicine ball for core and muscle strengthening, flexibility,..

$138.84 $99.25

[Auto Start Feature]: easy to start, no batteries required, start with your fingers, and the quicke..

$54.96 $25.25

Incredible grip-Powerballs generate up to 15kg of gyroscope resistance, which can quickly increase ..

$83.35 $34.58

Non bouncing, impact absorbing soft medicine balls Soft shell design is scuff resistance and desi..

$138.71 $99.26

Exercise your fingers and arm strength,size of grip ball is small, just in hand, hold grip ball in ..

$48.03 $19.68

[Wrist Trainer ball]: a very popular toy to enhanced grip endurance, wrist arm and other best weapo..

$68.46 $19.60

[Metal core+PP material]: The interior is composed of a metal ball core and a PP material package. ..

$96.36 $62.43

[Auto Start Design]: Automatic start design of the gyro ball. Only needs to push the core in the di..

$83.65 $39.64
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