Heating Waist Belt Heating Waist Increased Pressure Belt with a Waistband with a 1.5m Long USB Charging Wire - PNEO23

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  • [High -quality Material]:High Tech&High Safety Factor///Innovative safe heating material ‑ Graphene film which have a high thermal conductivity that can give off enough heat at a low voltage (5V/2A), the safety index is far higher than other heating material, light and thin design, comfortable and breathable, it will not hinder your movement after sticking

  • [Heated Quickly]:Fast heating & No electromagnetic radiation///Graphene heating belt can heat up in 10 seconds but without electromagnetic radiation, giving off heat sufficiently and evenly and more safety; It is attached to your waist, neck, back, legs, and abdomen to provide heat to quickly relieve muscle tension

  • [Easy to Carry]:Thinner and softer design keep the heated pad stay in place and keep free movement of body; Very Portable///Powered by 5V/2A power bank(Power bank NOT included), easy to carry. Power bank bag size: L/8cm*W/9cm

  • [Adjustable Design]:Adjustable hook and loop fastener///Adjustable hook and loop fastener can be adjusted for different demand from 72 (cm) to 120 (cm) /28.34 (in) to 47.24 (in); Designed with extension band, the extra-long size ensures that the heated pad is suitable for more people, and the whole family can use it together

  • [Widely Used]:Temperature Setting///3 Temperature levels (Low/Medium/High), improve blood circulation, improve the biological activity of the body, relieve your waist pain or abdomen/stomach pain; The heating pad distributes heat more evenly, effectively relieving low back pain, muscle pain and joint of discomfort

  • Product description

    Name: The new heated waist protector increases the pressure belt. Black free size (suitable for waist circumference: 72-120cm) A waist protector with a 1.5M long USB port charging cable
    Uses: heating the waist to relieve lumbar pain; back pain, body cold, dysmenorrhea, lower abdomen bloating, stomach cold 
    Product advantages: 
    1. Built-in heating plate in the lumbar spine to relieve lumbar discomfort caused by cold weather; 
    2. A compression plate is added behind the waist belt to increase the heating temperature and area of the waist to make customers more comfortable 
    Size: Free size (106 x 17cm/41.7 x 6.7 in)
    Material: diving cloth + heating sheet + compression elastic band 
    Colour: Black;
     Input and output voltage: 100-240V, 5V 
    Hert z: 50/60Hz 
    Output current: 2A 
    Included accessories: 
    a 1.5M long USB Androids port charging cable


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    Heating Waist Belt Heating Waist Increased Pressure Belt with a Waistband with a 1.5m Long USB Charging Wire - PNEO23