Kamonross Hula Hoop Fitness 1-4 kg Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop Fitness Hula Hoops - FGPN57

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  • 【Safety material】 Stainless steel core wrapped with high quality foam and high density design, hula hoops for adults. Stable, no shaking, no deformation. Avoid foam damage and make the rotation smoother and more comfortable. Environmentally friendly and safe.

  • 【Portable and Detachable Design】 Exercise hula hoop consists of 6 detachable parts that are easy to assemble, disassemble and carry. Therefore, weighted hula hoop fitness are quick to assemble and use no matter where you are on the lawn, beach, gym, travel or anywhere, and burn calories anytime, anywhere.

  • 【Perfect Fitness】 Hula hoops for adults exercise, you can not only burn calories in the waist, but also coordinate many exercises of the limbs and achieve the effect of weight loss: buttocks, waist, legs and digestive tract

  • 【Weight is variable】 You can add fillings as you hula hoops for adults like: rice, beans, steel balls, etc. The weight can be increased from 1 kg to 4 kg, and the exercise intensity can be increased depending on your own situation. ,hypothesis; weighted hula hoop 1.2kg,weighted hula hoops for adults 1.5kg, weighted hula hoops for adults 2kg.

  • 【Excellent customer service】 We firmly believe in the quality of the slimming hula hoop. If you are not satisfied please contact us and we will send you a new hula hoop or a refund. Exercise hula hoop variable weight fillings needs to be provided by the buyer.

  • Technical data

    1.Material :Soft NBR foam
    2.Colour: blue and pink
    3.Parts: 6 Piece.
    4.weight: 1-4kg.
    5.Diameter: 90 cm
    Safe use
    1.Exercise plan:Exercise plan 4-6 times a week each 2-3 group, 20-30 minutes per group Between the sentences 20-30 minutes usually do not rest more than 45 minutes
    2.The speed of Hula Hoop should not be too high:
    Keep a steady and steady movement, the body feels relaxed and even knee protectors are appropriate. You do not need to be too patsy to move easily to avoid causing local muscle and joint fatigue by repeated training over a longer period of time.
    3.Draw the waist and abdomen tightly:
    The shaking of the Hula Hoop depends mainly on the waist to fully exercise the psoas muscle, abdominal muscles, lateral muscles and other parts. Through continuous training, the waist and abdomen can be tightened
    Do not exercise an hour before and after meals. Don't put the Hula Hoop around your neck to train. Avoid movement during pregnancy and menstruation.

    Kamonross Hula Hoop Fitness 1-4 kg Adjustable Weighted Hula Hoop Fitness Hula Hoops - FGPN57