LXYA 2022 Anti Gravity Running Boots Bounce Shoes Adjustable Anti-Slip Fitness Sports Adult Kangaroo Shoes No Assembly Required - MRQP78

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  • ▶Quality Check : Each boot is checked rigorously and bottom shells are weight tested by a hydraluic press to accurately test weight pressure. Our boots come in customized weight settings to help you reach your max performance, bounce, jump and comfort level.

  • ▶Safety:Bounce Shoes Have No Jumping Damage! The Eight Protection Techniques Of The Shoe Do Not Require A Protective Device To Easily Bounce And Disperse The Ground Impact. Strong Cushioning. Focus On Elastic Protection And Promote Blood Circulation. Reduce Knee Wear And Effectively Reduce Meniscus Impact.

  • ▶ The shoe buckle is made of modified TPU material, which varies according to different foot sizes when fastened, so it is simple and effective, no need to worry about hurting the foot; TPU, TPR + mesh

  • ▶A THOUGHTFUL PRESENT : Order the jumping shoes for yourself or as a thoughtful present for a friend, loved one or fitness enthusiast, and you can be sure to win their appreciation!

  • ▶MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS: Bounce shoes can correct your posture, increase metabolism, help your cardiovascular system, burn fat, fight osteoporosis, and have fun with neutral fitness bounce shoes!

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    This rebound shoe is one of the toys for outdoor sports. Suitable for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Work out joint strength and burn at the same time. Promotes better balance and posture while jumping. It's as simple as wearing regular shoes. Exercise is no problem, whether indoors or outdoors.

    1. Shock and vibration are mitigated by shock absorbing device (elastic spring).
    2.Easy to use in shoes, suitable for your weight and foot length.
    3. In this way, you can burn more calories and better physical fitness for adults. For children, it is beneficial to promote blood circulation, promote bone growth, and thus help to grow taller.
    4. Whether jogging, running or walking, the shoes defy gravity with every fun-filled step. They balance easily, and soon they'll be running around like astronauts on the moon. It burns calories easily, builds physique, coordinates and strengthens leg muscles.

    Product name: Rebound shoes

    Shoe cover: mesh + PP plastic

    Shell: TPU

    Color: picture color

    Weight: 3-4.4kg

    Function: dancing, running, health, entertainment, skating, walking

    S (32-34) is suitable for 20kg-40kg weight
    M (35-37) is 30kg-50kg body weight
    L (38-40) suitable for 50kg-70kg body weight
    XL (41-43) suitable for 50kg-70kg body weight

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    Manual measurement with an allowable error of ±2 cm

    LXYA 2022 Anti Gravity Running Boots Bounce Shoes Adjustable Anti-Slip Fitness Sports Adult Kangaroo Shoes No Assembly Required - MRQP78