Mens Neoprene Sauna Waist Cincher Slimmer Trainer Belt Belly Sweat Wrap Trimmer Workout Bands - OPQY48

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  • ADJUSTABLE FIT TO EXTEND USE: This slimming belt has 4 rows of hooks to tighten, so you have some working space to improve and can customize. The adjusting hooks are useful in keeping the belt tightly in place as your size decreases after multiple wearings. There is also the second layer of flaps with velcro that allows you to adjust the pressure/tension of the waist trimmer. It makes the workout belt more stable and allows easy adjustment of tension without the whole thing falling off.

  • LONG ENOUGH TO COVER YOUR WHOLE TORSO: The length is perfect, fitting both long torso and short torso. This belly slimming band is long enough to cover your abdomen & stomach, so it can offer a comprehensive back support and also cover more area as a waist trimmer. But it's not too long, so it won’t restrict your movements and will stay place during exercise.

  • SHOPPING NOTE:The correct size chart is attached in the last product picture, please check your size from it before purchase. Manual measurement, please allow an error of 1 - 3 cm.

  • Fastening: Hook and Loop

  • FANTASTIC BACK SUPPORT & POSTURE IMPROVEMENT: This workout waist slimming belt has flexible stainless steel enforcement. Their stiff which is enough not to fold will provide a great back support, which helps maintain your body posture while working out and will ease your back pain. But not super stiff. When you bend, it bends with you. It’s also help with posture improvement and keep everything in. It helps your back stay straight when sit, stand, and will constantly remind you not to slouch.

  • SHAPING YOUR WAIST & ABDOMEN: The added heat of the slimming belt helps provide the abdomen area a nice working temperature that it can heat up your core and then reduce a stubborn layer of fat on the belly. And you can see how the belt kind of shapes the fat and makes it easier to see where you need work, so you can appreciate how the belt flattens your tummy, slims your waist and smooths your obliques.

  • FIT FOR DAILY WEAR THROUGHTOUT THE YEAR: This back support training belt works like a charm, holding in all the fat in all the right places. You can use it to wander around in summer time that it will gives you a nice body shape. You also can wear it in winter season to keep you warm. Good for posture, back support, sculpt waist, abs, postpartum recovery, weight training, jogging, and tightening up some of the loose skin, etc.

  • Product description


    1. Different hook settings for compression amount

    2. Comfortable enough for daily wear

    3. A great support for people who suffer from lower back pain.

    4. A great support when doing exercise, help tighten your core muscles while supporting your back

    5. Shaping your waist and abdomen.

    6. Improve your posture



    Q: How to choose the Right size?

    A: Measure Your Waistline, then check the size chart in the last product pictures to choose your right size.

    Q: Will it be too uncomfortable to keep on?

    A: I am able to keep it on for extended periods of time without discomfort.

    Q: Will it actually help with back support?

    A: I've even gotten compliments on how I've slimmed down when I wear it

    I'm also very impressed with the support it provides for my back and my posture.



    -I’m really enjoying this waist trainer. It fits perfectly and I have seen some changes body wise.

    If you are going to be very active buy a size down, but if you are going to take time to lose weight buy actual size. 

    I bought a medium and after running and eating right I’m down to the last hooks, so now I really need a small.

    So it’s really working and it helps keep back posture align. Highly recommend this waist trainer.

    -I got the men workout belt for my husband and he loves it, he wears it at work while driving long distance by keeping his back stabled and gives him a burn when he cant work out and even better during his loading and unloading hrs.

    The awesome thing is that you don't have to work out to the extreme to feel the burn, you feel the burn and happiness of getting in shape as soon as you put it on.


    60% Nylon and 40% Spandex

    Mens Neoprene Sauna Waist Cincher Slimmer Trainer Belt Belly Sweat Wrap Trimmer Workout Bands - OPQY48