OLM Gym Wrist Wraps – Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps that Supports Muscle Building | Comfortable Gym Wrist support | Gym Accessories Training Wraps with Elastic Thumb Loop Fits All - FJHN33

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our OLM wrist strap is made up of blended cotton with elastic latex that absorbs excess moisture which makes it a best gym accessory. IT DOES NOT IRRITATE THE SKIN.

  • A PERFECT GYM WEAR: OLM gym wrist straps is a must needed item in getting that extra support around the wrist while power lifting, dead lifts, or during squats. Wrist bands helps in protecting and preventing your wrist from any injury.

  • The design focus of the OLM wrist bands is to support the individual and maximize potential. Our Weightlifting straps are are a flawless fit and non-slip grip. These OLM Wraps encourages you to opt for heavy lifting . The elastic loop ensures the correct placement of the wraps while the loop closure allows easy adjustment of the wraps keeping them secure while you train

  • OLM wrist elasticated straps serve all purpose from calisthenics to strength training, gymnastics and other sports. The single size is suitable for women and men. Thinner, lighter, less bulky but with more stability. Elastic thumb loop ensures protected and right positioned wraps though extended hook and loop closing system let adjustment remain secure.

  • OLM gym wrist straps will last for a lifetime. One of the best fitness accessories, with our unique design, your wrist won't just be protected but you will also Feel like an Olympian lifting those heavy weights. For a limited time only we have included the OLM mesh bag for FREE.




    OLM premium weightlifting wrist wraps give you the proper wrist support to elevate your workouts so you can push massive weight.



    OLM Wrist band is designed to support your wrist joint during heavy weight lifts. During Heavy lifts or squats wrist can be pulled into excessive extension under load which results in compromised mechanics and possible injuries. OLM Wrist Wraps help you to lift by providing support and also prevents you from injuries.