Rubyz Multi color Glitter Hula Hoop Fitness Exercise Game Workout Hoola hoops Activity - GEYL93

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  • MATERIAL: Our Hula Hoops are made from strong PVC tube that provides the hoop with a good amount of weight (440g), this gives the hoop a good solid feel and helps generate plenty of momentum to make hula hooping that little bit easier.

  • EASY TO USE: Strong tube with a welded joint not staples or a bung. Can be applied to the gym, office and outdoor, can be used anytime, anywhere.

  • BENEFITS: These Hula Hoops are suitable for kids age 5+ and teenagers. Ideal for all levels of skill from beginners to pros and are perfect for Exercise, Fitness, Hoop Dance, Festivals or just pure outdoor fun! *These hoops are nothing like the cheap hoops you find in supermarkets & Toy shops!

  • SUITABLE: Suitable for men, women, adult & children. Specifically weighted for maximum weight loss, exercise, burning calories and getting you into the best shape ever.

  • MEASUREMENTS: Small (55cm), Medium (65cm), Large (75cm)

  • These Hula hoops are made from Strong tubes with amazing color and design for Easy to use Versatile hoops teach balance, coordination, rhythm and many more fun and fitness aspects Use as targets, jump and hop rings for races and much more. Suitable for all ages and genders Each half a dozen will be sent in Random colors. Suitable for men ,kids, children, women, boys and Girls For beginner to advanced trainee You can combine the hoop exercises with other fitness products to make your activity more interesting and useful Available Sizes Diameter: (55cm) (65cm) (75cm)
    All our hula hoops are decorated with a shiny & hard-wearing Glitter tape and our Ultra-Grip cloth tape that is extremely durable and provides more grip and a better feel. *Note: To preserve the beauty & lifespan of your hoop make sure you use it on soft surfaces like grass, carpet and wood & avoid rough surfaces like tarmac & concrete!

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    Rubyz Multi color Glitter Hula Hoop Fitness Exercise Game Workout Hoola hoops Activity - GEYL93