SOLCYSX Sweat Sauna Vest for Men Workout Waist Trainer for Loss Weight Zipper Neoprene Sauna Suit Fajas Para Hombres - MNWA75

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  • 【100% NEOPRENE, SWEAT LIKE CRAZY】- Our sauna suit is made of 3 layers of composite material, with an inner layer of high-purity neoprene for greater heat preservation than other low-purity sauna suits. It is better to lock in heat during training, sweat quickly, and let your fat melt in the form of sweat, faster to achieve your fat loss goals. We sew a thin layer of polyester over neoprene to prevent it from coming into direct contact with your skin for a healthier wear.

  • 【A SAUNA VEST STYLE WITH EXTRA WAIST TRIMMER】- The belt is designed to help tighten your abs and keep the vest close to your skin, reducing heat loss and thus burning calories faster. It provides a comfortable fit and allows you to move freely without rolling up & down. A belt wide enough to cover the whole abdomen, visually smooth your muffin epithelium & love handles, and make your body contour smoother.

  • 100% Neoprene 100% Polyester

  • 【EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP】- As for most cust feedback that the stitching part is easy to tear, we strengthen the sewing strength, such as double reinforcement sewing with thick knitting thread around the zipper; The bonded surface is stitched together with the side waistline, a quadruple suture thatcan withstand stronger pulls than comparable products, more durable which will save you money. We've sewn a protective layer under the zipper to keep it from clipping your skin when you zip it up.

  • 【FRONT ZIPPER & ADJUSTABLE CLOSURE】- Zipper design makes men's sauna clothing easier to put on & take off. The adjustable belt adjusts abdominal compression to your needs, helps support your lower back, maintain proper posture, and relieves pain. If you want to enhance your appearance and burn belly fat to shrink your waistline, this sauna shirt for men burn fat is the ideal choice. It can help you reduce excess fat and build muscle, endurance & core strength, thereby promoting weight loss.

  • 【WARM TIPS】- The neoprene waist training vest for men has a slight smell, but rest assured that it will not harm you. After receiving this vest, soak it in cold water, clean it with mild laundry detergent and ventilate it. The smell will gradually disappear after several uses. SOLCYSX is committed to providing quality service and quality products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you :)

  • SOLCYSX Sweat Sauna Vest for Men Workout Waist Trainer for Loss Weight Zipper Neoprene Sauna Suit Fajas Para Hombres - MNWA75