Step Platforms

Step Platforms

TOPLESS TECH: Head uses a polyester fleece rather than solid plastic top sheet material to create t..

$138.42 $99.19

Wide stepping platform, make sure that you can do multiple exercises on it. Wide stepping platfor..

$71.35 $26.47

The step can be integrated into your fitness exercises and thus the degree of training is increased..

$138.79 $99.44

● Sturdy and Durable Material: Our aerobic stepper is made of high-quality PP material, which has a..

$138.04 $99.72

Surface anti-skid particles, with stronger anti-skid performance and higher safety performance Ma..

$125.20 $72.94

Easy to assemble and disassemble: It can be flexibly changed in height, is durable, can be prepared..

$138.67 $99.97

Effect: By insisting on using it for aerobic exercise, it can help you lose weight and assist cardi..

$138.25 $99.25

Diamond-shaped rubber anti-slip pads to ensure sports safety The material is high quality PP mate..

$138.46 $99.02

▼SAFE EXERCISE: The tread area on the aerobics step has a non-slip material covering it, so you can..

$138.42 $99.29

Anti-slip rubber step surface Height-adjustable to 2 positions Easy handling Strengthens card..

$95.90 $58.02

PROFESSIONAL YOGA STEP: Ideal Yoga Step Stepper for beginners and professionals of all ages & fitne..

$82.18 $42.51
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