WXYZ Battle rope Heavy-duty Nylon Battle Rope Home Gym Physical Training Arm Strength Rope 25mm 38mm 50mm 9m 12m15m - JSXL93

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  • Heavy Duty Construction: battle rope is made of 3-strand twisted 100% Nylon material material for a durable, reliable, and worry-free workout

  • Firm Grip Handles: Features handles made from heat shrink material, providing great protection for your hands and a more secure, firm non-slip grip during intense exercises

  • Portable and Easy to Use Anywhere - Ideal for home gym and outdoor workouts, it is easy to carry and can also be used with one end of the battle rope fixed.They can work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they shape your muscle

  • Take Your Workout to a Higher Level - battle rope is your first choice for finding new ways to create more strength and ability. Battle ropes are dynamic and can adjust your overall strength and build your whole body muscles!

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  • Battle Ropes, while at a glance simple and minimalistic, are proven to bring a myriad of health benefits. By only swinging the rope, it targets almost every major muscle group and area: core, upper body, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and even hips for a full body workout. Training with Battle Rope also aids in eliminating imbalance, while improving cardiovascular health and mobility.

    Product parameters
    Colour: Black
    Material: 100% polyester fiber

    What is included?
    ✓ 1 battle rope

    Made of 3-strand twisted high quality Nylon material, the Battle Rope is extremely durable and can withstand even the most rigorous training regimen. The removable Protective Sleeve at the tactical contact anchor point ensures that it protect itself against friction damages and fraying. The heat shrink handles provide plenty of space for you to comfortably grip on the rope, and to prevent slipping & offer extra protection for your hands.

    Heat shrink ends & Comfort handles

    Battle Rope have superior quality heat shrink ends,which are perfect for training grip and hand strength and will help you get a better grip when performing the exercises.The heat shrink caps on the ends help keep its shape and protect your hands.

    Which Rope is Right for You?

    The longer the rope the heavier it becomes and more challenging the workout will be. Shorter ropes aren’t as fluid,but they allow for smaller spaces.If you are beginner at rope training, 30ft will be easier to hold and use. The longer one is more suitable for challenging intermediates and pros.

    WXYZ Battle rope Heavy-duty Nylon Battle Rope Home Gym Physical Training Arm Strength Rope 25mm 38mm 50mm 9m 12m15m - JSXL93