Xing Dong Sports Hula Hoop Weighted Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop Great For Exercise Dance Exercise Training Gymnastic Workout Foam Padded Slimming Ring Burn Fat - ZBYM82

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  • Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop: Fitness ring not only reduce the waist, but also strengthens inner core muscles of the body to improve posture and reduce risk of back problems.reduce belly fat, Increase coordination and burn bat to get more slim waist, better for cardio and dance exercise.

  • Portable foam padded hula hoop for easy store & carry: The assemble type weighted hula hoop adult is adjustable, consists of 8 parts, easy to adjust the foam hula hoop diameter size according to your waist size by assembling and disassembling the sections,suitable for kids,adults, beginners and advanced users at home,office,in the gym or at the park. Also, different combinations are suitable for different users,recommend: 6 sessions for kids, 7 sessions for women, 8 sessions for men.

  • All our hula hoops are decorated with a shiny & hard-wearing and our tape that is extremely durable and provides more grip and a better feel. Note: To preserve the beauty & lifespan of your hoop make sure you use it on soft surfaces like grass, carpet and wood – avoid rough surfaces like tarmac & concrete, Easily to storage and convenient to take to playground, garden, lawn, beach, gym, travel or others.

  • APPLICATION: Helps to the mobility of the spine and hips, helping to ensure the joints remain flexible. A great choice for Gym, Fitness, Weight Loss, Gymnastic, Cross Training and Strengthening, Exercise, Workout, and other sports.

  • hula hoop as gifts: nice-looking storage bag box for convenient carry after disassembling,it is a good idea to send this exercise hula hoop to family members or friends as a gift to keep fit.

  • How to install and adjust the hoop:

    Use the joint button to install and adjust the hoop, buttons are inside the tube, press the button point on foam with force until you feel the button has pressed, then add or remove the suction of hope and setup the hoops as you required. Just do like this you will install and adjust it successfully.


    Do you want to lose weight, burn fat, tone up and have fun whilst doing it?

    If so, it's time you tried the  Foam Padded Weighted Hoop. It is specifically designed for exercise purposes and is great for burning calories, promoting fat loss, improving core strength and toning up areas such as your abdominal area and bottom. 

    Are you still worrying about losing weight, fitness and shaping?

    In the era when hula hoop exercise are popular, hurry up and join us!

    By using our hula hoop, you can not only burn calories, lose fat accumulated over the years, and it also allows you to have a healthy and strong body.


    Benefits of the Hoola Hoop exercise:

    -- Calorie burning as much as possible.

    -- Makes balance and coordination on your body.

    -- Flexibility increased.

    -- Shapes sexy waist line!

    -- Lays the foundation for dancing,gym,workout etc.

    -- Will not make your waist hurt;

    --Massage of the waist during training;

    -- Can adjust the dance frame to 6 to 8 sections as needed;

    -- Intensify calorie burning.



    ☛Do not exercise in 1 hour before or after meals.

    ☛Do not put the hula hoop on the neck and turn it.

    ☛Ordinary people’s exercise program

    4-6 times a week.

    2-3 groups each time, 20-30 minutes per group

    Rest for 20-30 minutes between group

    Xing Dong Sports Hula Hoop Weighted Fitness Exercise Hula Hoop Great For Exercise Dance Exercise Training Gymnastic Workout Foam Padded Slimming Ring Burn Fat - ZBYM82